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Marissa 50k Adventure- Week 5

Week 5

Over a month into my 50k training and I think I am getting back into the groove! I felt great this week and I had no pain in any of my runs. Quite an improvement from the past two weeks. Another change that happened this week is I started a second part time job; Pet walking and sitting. I love animals and I think it is a great way to get some extra exercise and time on my feet. I figure even if I can’t run as much as I want to, If I am up and moving, that will still help in my training. I am working almost everyday now, but I have never been a person who can be still for a long time anyway 😛

Training this week (7/24-7/30):

Monday- Rest day

Tuesday- 3.3 Miles

Wednesday- Rest day

Thursday-Rest day

Friday- 30 min yoga and 1.25 hours walking dogs (4-ish miles)

Saturday-5.5 miles

Sunday- 9.5 miles and 30 min yoga

Total: Walking 4.25 miles/ Running 18.3 miles = 22.35 miles

This week was BLAZING hot. I used an electrolyte drink on every run to make sure I was hydrated. Yesterday the only time I had available to run was before work at noon. It was well over 75 degrees. Usually that isn’t too hot, but there was no cloud coverage so it beamed on top of you. On today’s run I drank all of my 17 oz bottle and refilled at 7.5 miles with water to keep hydrated. I also used a hammer gel at mile 4 and at cliff blocks before my run. I didn’t have a gel yesterday for my 5.5 because I had planned on running less. Rule of thumb, bring a fuel source just in case! I didn’t use my compression this week because it was so hot, but I plan on getting ¾ compression tights and ½ tights for warmer weather.

Things I learned this week:

  1. Same as last week; hydration matters! I was better about drinking fluids all week long and using electrolyte drinks on my run and it made a big difference. No cotton-mouth for me!
  2. Cross-training helps- It is a loose term, but it essentially is any other training your are doing to improve your strength. I did yoga twice this week as well as small exercises throughout the week in 5-15 min spurts (push-ups, lunges, crunches) when I could fit it in. You have to make sure you are strong in your core so it can support you while you are running. You also want to strengthen other parts of your legs so you are balanced and not overworking certain muscles.

Well it has been a good week getting back on track in my training. I plan on running between 20-23 miles this week and cross training at least 3x this week. Happy running!

Marissa’s 50k Adventure- Week 4

Week 4

Another week into this journey of training. Another week of small numbers for mileage. I was ready to go this week after letting my calves heal up. I started off the week strong with a 5 mile and 3 mile run. Unfortunately I got sick on Thursday night. I have a very sensitive stomach, so every couple months I get really sick. Most likely a build-up of eating foods that I am unknowingly allergic to. I actually am in the process of going to a naturopathic doctor to figure out what is going on. This problem also carries over to feeling full too soon and not being able to intake enough calories for when I am doing longer mileage weeks. With me being sick, I was not able to move around much because my stomach was still pretty beat up for a couple days. I did do a 5k on Saturday with my friend and my nephews, but we walked 90% of it and it was a struggle. C’est la vie! Like I said last week, it is a process of trial and error. Some weeks are going to be great and others you wish you could do over. It all is part of the journey and I am learning to take the setbacks in stride.

Training schedule (7/17-7/23):

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 5.3 miles

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: 3.5 miles (sick that night)

Friday: Sick day

Saturday: 5k fun run (walked most of it)- Sick day

Sunday: Yoga 30 min and walked my dog for 2 miles

Total: Running- 8.8 miles, Walked 5 miles, 13.8 miles all together

This week for nutrition and hydration I used Probar bolt chews, Hammer gels, and Gu hydration tablets. I like to eat the Probar bolt chews before my runs if I run in the morning. It gives me energy for the run, but doesn’t make me feel heavy or full. I always eat a full breakfast after I get back from my runs. I used the Hammer gels for my 5 mile run on Tuesday. Any run over 5 miles, I try to eat a gel. I want to train my body to be comfortable eating gels every couple miles so when I run longer miles it will not upset my stomach. I used my hydration drink on my 5k run on Saturday. I was still pretty dehydrated from being sick on Thursday (as well as it being muggy outside), so I wanted to make sure I was getting some fluids in my body.

Things I learned this week:

  1. Stay hydrated- It has been really hot the past couple weeks and I have not been drinking enough fluids. Especially after I got sick, I tried to make sure I was drinking extra fluids to rehydrate. I could tell the difference in my runs when I am hydrated. If I don’t drink enough fluids in the week, I get really bad cotton-mouth when I run.
  2. Rest when needed- Same as last week, giving your body the times it needs to heal is key. If you don’t let yourself heal, you can put more stress and damage your body.
  3. Eat better food during the week- If you are kind to your body, it will be kind to you. I have not been great with my daily nutrition outside of running and it has taken its toll. Knowing I have a sensitive stomach, I need to be careful with what I eat. I need to eat a healthier diet with more vegetables, less processed foods, and less sugar.

Hoping this week I will FINALLY get back on track with training! My plan is to try and run at least 20 miles this week, do yoga twice this week, and make sure I eat more healthy food options to keep my stomach happy.

Marissa’s 50k Adventure- Week 3

Week 3

Remember when we talked about training never going exactly how you want it to? This week was a prime example. I pushed myself too hard the past 2 weeks and I injured myself….SIGH. Nothing that can’t be fixed, but sucks none the less. I basically strained my calf muscles. Every time I ran it would hurt or I could feel it starting to pull. I barely ran this week and gave myself the time to rest.

Training schedule (7/10-7/16):

Monday- Rest day

Tuesday- Rest day

Wednesday- 2 miles

Thursday- 3.3 miles

Friday- 3 miles

Saturday- Rest day

Sunday- Plan on running 3 miles after work and yoga

Total: 11.3 miles

I have been wearing my compression tights or socks on most runs this week which helped my legs feel less tight. I also made a conscious effort to stretch before and after every run for at least 10 minutes. I didn’t need to focus on nutrition this week because my mileage was so dismal. I did take some electrolyte water with me on my 3 mile run on Friday because it was 80 degrees when I went on my run. I was bummed about cutting my mileage down and tired from work so I did not do much as far as cross training. This week was rough and my motivation was down. But that is how life goes sometimes. You have to pick yourself up after a set back and I plan on hitting the pavement hard next week with going back up to 20 miles. Lesson learned.

My take away from this rest week:

  1. Listen to my body more- If something is painful and not just uncomfortable, take it seriously. Don’t just push through because you feel like sticking to your training plan.
  2. Don’t up my mileage so fast- I am going to start back at 20 miles and each week only go up by 3-5 miles. I don’t want my legs to give out on me again.
  3. STRETCH, STRETCH, STRETCH!- I made sure to tell my fiancé to bug me about stretching if he doesn’t see me doing it before or after a run. It’s easy to forget or think it is pointless to do. Wrong. SOO important. The older I get, the more important it is to get my muscles warmed up before my run.
  4. It’s ok to have a set-back. I took the time this week to re-evaluate how I want to do my training and other ways to cross-train so I am still getting a workout without the strain of running. I plan on adding a swim day into my training when I can and only running 4 days a week with slightly more miles per day. Same mileage a week with less days running.


Well upwards and onward! This will be a better week and I am optimistic my legs are well enough to get in the 20 miles I am wanting to do (:

Marissa’s 50k adventure- Week 2

Week 2

Week 2 was…shall we say, interesting. I’m going to be honest. This week was fairly brutal on my body. I ran the same mileage as last week, but I think my body is having a hard time adjusting to the mileage and time spent on my feet. I also am working full-time while training so I am still moving around quite a bit before or after my runs. I am assuming that in another week or two my body will adjust to the training.

My training this week (7/3-7/9):

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 5.3 miles

Wednesday: 10 miles

Thursday: 3.12 Miles

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 4 miles

Sunday: 6.1 miles

Total: 28.5 miles

So my training schedule was a bit odd this week. Wednesday ended up being my long run day because I ran with a friend who needed to get in longer miles. No problem for me. As long as I get my long run in I don’t mind changing the day of the week I do it. Tuesday was my roughest day. I felt like my body was weighed down and every mile was a chore. The other problem I had that my calves were on FIRE! They felt really strained and irritated. I did Epsom salt baths, stretched them out, foam rolled them, all to no avail. The only thing that helped was wearing compression socks or my compression tights. I did not use enough Hammer recoverite or fuel during my runs this week. I should have used a gel on my 10 mile run. I did use a gel on my 6 mile run and I felt better. I did take electrolyte water on most of runs this week because of the heat.

Things I could have done differently:

  1. Use more fuel for my runs. I need to make sure on every run over 4 miles to take fuel with me and take the electrolyte water with me to make sure I don’t fatigue as easily.
  2. Use compression on most runs. It helped me feel better faster and less fatigues on the runs I did use my tights or compression socks. I will continue to use them while my legs get used to the mileage.
  3. Do more yoga. I failed miserably this week. I didn’t do yoga any days, so I need to make a better effort to practice my yoga at least twice a week to help stretch my muscles and build a better core.
  4. Listen to my body. This week I should have cut my miles down to 25 to let my legs rest and recover. It is not a good thing to push through just because you want to stick to a training plan. My calves were not happy and I could feel how strained they were. I could tell even when I was walking how tight they were. I got a massage yesterday to help relieve the stress I put on them as well as taking Monday and Tuesday off this week. Rehab and recovery is just as important as getting the miles in.

This week was a struggle, but I have hope this upcoming week will be better and my body will adjust to everything I am throwing at it. Have a great week guys!

Marissa’s 50k adventure – Week 1

Week 1 Training

What a week it has been! I will be giving updates on Sundays about my weekly progress since my training cycle goes from Monday-Sunday. Let me start by saying that I am SORE. I ramped up my miles this week and I am feeling it! (Everywhere…)

My schedule this week was as follows: (6/26-7/2)

Monday- 5.3 miles

Tuesday- no running

Wednesday- 3 miles

Thursday- 6 miles (tempo) with yoga in the morning

Friday- weightlifting workout (squats and cleans)

Saturday- 4 mile hike at pinnacle peak (1700 ft elevation gain)

Sunday- 10 mile and yoga

Total mileage= 28.3

There is nothing below my waist that isn’t aching at the moment. I used compression tights on my hike yesterday and on my long run today because my legs were beat up. The compression definitely helped me to recover and helped me feel less fatigued today on my run. They are not a quick fix for injuries, but rather a wonderful tool to keep in your arsenal for when you are fatigued and need help recovering. I use my compression tights for during my runs, they can be used after as well although there are specific compression tights meant for AFTER the run that are less tight. The only time I used nutrition this week was on my run today. I ended up eating Probar bolt chews for before my run (stomach is too sensitive to eat a full meal), Hammer HEED electrolyte drink, and a Hammer gel. I loved the gel! Tasted like raspberry jelly (: I will likely continue to use those on my long runs. No GI distress= happy runner! However, I plan to stick to my Nunn or GU brew for my electrolyte drinks. The Heed mix was too sweet and did not sit well in my stomach. That’s why you got to try things out though!

Things that went awry this week:

  1. I should have done upper body and core work when I was at the gym. My legs were already irritated and after the workout they were jelly. I think it is important to work out the legs, but I didn’t listen to my body and should have switched the workout. It made this weekend more painful than it had to be.
  2. Not that this went awry, but I could have used another yoga session to help stretch out my muscles and get some body weight exercise in.
  3. In general, I need to do a better job of stretching after all my runs so they don’t get so tight.
  4. I unintentionally did a tempo run. I was running with the group and I stuck with the lead group so I could learn the route to Cedar river from the store. I didn’t realize they were running faster until mile 3. I was running at an 8:30-9 min mile pace per mile. I am SUPPOSED to be running at around 9:30-11 min mile pace. This also made my legs more fatigued then they needed to be. Oops….

Marissa’s 50k adventure

The beginning of the adventure

Hey guys! Some of you may know me from the store, but for those who don’t my name is Marissa and I currently am training for my first 50k (YAYYY). I have done a handful of half marathons and 1 marathon that I would like to forget about. P.S if you follow your training plan you will enjoy your race SOO much more. DO NOT run it faster then what you ran in training. Some background on me: I am a full-time student at Seattle Pacific University studying for a BA in nutrition with a dietetic emphasis. I love nutrition and exercising. I have spent the last 2-3 weeks ramping up my base miles so I can officially start my 50k training. I am planning on running the Run the rock 50k in Oregon. Because this is my first 50k I am planning on this being a trial and error process.

Here’s the plan I have so far: First 2 months (July and August) run as much as I can on the road, get up to 20 miles for my long runs, and be comfortable there. I am going to throw a couple trails in there because I have the Ragnar trail run in August. I am planning on getting up to 20-35 miles a week by the end of July and in get to 35-50 miles a week in August. I currently am running about 15-20 miles a week. For nutrition I will be taking electrolyte drinks with me on hot days regardless of the miles and on less hot days that are longs runs I will do the same. I am testing out different energy items to see what tastes best and doesn’t upset my stomach. My go-to’s at the moment are Probar bolt chews (because I like that it has organic ingredients and my stomach does better with chews over gels), Nuun or Gu Brew for my electrolyte drinks during my run, and after my long runs I use the Hammer recoverite drink. I like this because it restore my muscles, but most importantly tastes good. There is nothing worse than having to get down a watery/semi-flavored drink mix, BLEH! I am testing out some Hammer gels and drink mixes for during my run. In addition to running I plan on doing yoga and weightlifting. I want to do each at least 1 day a week. So on my off day of running I want to go to the gym and lift and I will do yoga after my long run. If I have time I would love to incorporate some more yoga into my week. We shall see how this all works out. I also use an app on my phone called “Down Dog” for my yoga workouts and screen mirror to my TV so I don’t have to leave my house and it’s FREE. I will be incorporating heart rate training to make sure I am not over training and training effectively. Train smarter, not harder!

In a perfect world I would have a spot on training cycle. We know that NEVER happens! I think it is important to be aware of the things that might trip up my training. Better too actively think about them then blissfully ignore them. Here are the things I think may go wrong in training:

  1. When I go back to school in late September I will not have as much time to run- School, work, homework = hard time training
  2. Keeping up with my nutrition outside of running- I.E no crap food, eating out, trying to cook home cooked meals and keep a balanced diet.
  3. Eating enough calories to keep my energy up- I need to be eating at least 1800-2300 calories a day depending on how long my runs are.
  4. Motivation- Who DOESN’T have issues with this sometimes?
  5. Injuries- Making sure I am stretching after each run and cross-training one day a week to keep my muscles happy and healthy
  6. Starting to use a HR monitor- I will be getting a new GPS watch with a HR monitor soon and I am sure this is going to take a bit to adjust to (HR is an amazing tool to use, but knowing me I will input something in there wrong and mess it up, therefore making my training funky)


I will do weekly updates to let you guys know how my training in progressing. Wish me luck!

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