Week 4

Another week into this journey of training. Another week of small numbers for mileage. I was ready to go this week after letting my calves heal up. I started off the week strong with a 5 mile and 3 mile run. Unfortunately I got sick on Thursday night. I have a very sensitive stomach, so every couple months I get really sick. Most likely a build-up of eating foods that I am unknowingly allergic to. I actually am in the process of going to a naturopathic doctor to figure out what is going on. This problem also carries over to feeling full too soon and not being able to intake enough calories for when I am doing longer mileage weeks. With me being sick, I was not able to move around much because my stomach was still pretty beat up for a couple days. I did do a 5k on Saturday with my friend and my nephews, but we walked 90% of it and it was a struggle. C’est la vie! Like I said last week, it is a process of trial and error. Some weeks are going to be great and others you wish you could do over. It all is part of the journey and I am learning to take the setbacks in stride.

Training schedule (7/17-7/23):

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 5.3 miles

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: 3.5 miles (sick that night)

Friday: Sick day

Saturday: 5k fun run (walked most of it)- Sick day

Sunday: Yoga 30 min and walked my dog for 2 miles

Total: Running- 8.8 miles, Walked 5 miles, 13.8 miles all together

This week for nutrition and hydration I used Probar bolt chews, Hammer gels, and Gu hydration tablets. I like to eat the Probar bolt chews before my runs if I run in the morning. It gives me energy for the run, but doesn’t make me feel heavy or full. I always eat a full breakfast after I get back from my runs. I used the Hammer gels for my 5 mile run on Tuesday. Any run over 5 miles, I try to eat a gel. I want to train my body to be comfortable eating gels every couple miles so when I run longer miles it will not upset my stomach. I used my hydration drink on my 5k run on Saturday. I was still pretty dehydrated from being sick on Thursday (as well as it being muggy outside), so I wanted to make sure I was getting some fluids in my body.

Things I learned this week:

  1. Stay hydrated- It has been really hot the past couple weeks and I have not been drinking enough fluids. Especially after I got sick, I tried to make sure I was drinking extra fluids to rehydrate. I could tell the difference in my runs when I am hydrated. If I don’t drink enough fluids in the week, I get really bad cotton-mouth when I run.
  2. Rest when needed- Same as last week, giving your body the times it needs to heal is key. If you don’t let yourself heal, you can put more stress and damage your body.
  3. Eat better food during the week- If you are kind to your body, it will be kind to you. I have not been great with my daily nutrition outside of running and it has taken its toll. Knowing I have a sensitive stomach, I need to be careful with what I eat. I need to eat a healthier diet with more vegetables, less processed foods, and less sugar.

Hoping this week I will FINALLY get back on track with training! My plan is to try and run at least 20 miles this week, do yoga twice this week, and make sure I eat more healthy food options to keep my stomach happy.