Week 3

Remember when we talked about training never going exactly how you want it to? This week was a prime example. I pushed myself too hard the past 2 weeks and I injured myself….SIGH. Nothing that can’t be fixed, but sucks none the less. I basically strained my calf muscles. Every time I ran it would hurt or I could feel it starting to pull. I barely ran this week and gave myself the time to rest.

Training schedule (7/10-7/16):

Monday- Rest day

Tuesday- Rest day

Wednesday- 2 miles

Thursday- 3.3 miles

Friday- 3 miles

Saturday- Rest day

Sunday- Plan on running 3 miles after work and yoga

Total: 11.3 miles

I have been wearing my compression tights or socks on most runs this week which helped my legs feel less tight. I also made a conscious effort to stretch before and after every run for at least 10 minutes. I didn’t need to focus on nutrition this week because my mileage was so dismal. I did take some electrolyte water with me on my 3 mile run on Friday because it was 80 degrees when I went on my run. I was bummed about cutting my mileage down and tired from work so I did not do much as far as cross training. This week was rough and my motivation was down. But that is how life goes sometimes. You have to pick yourself up after a set back and I plan on hitting the pavement hard next week with going back up to 20 miles. Lesson learned.

My take away from this rest week:

  1. Listen to my body more- If something is painful and not just uncomfortable, take it seriously. Don’t just push through because you feel like sticking to your training plan.
  2. Don’t up my mileage so fast- I am going to start back at 20 miles and each week only go up by 3-5 miles. I don’t want my legs to give out on me again.
  3. STRETCH, STRETCH, STRETCH!- I made sure to tell my fiancé to bug me about stretching if he doesn’t see me doing it before or after a run. It’s easy to forget or think it is pointless to do. Wrong. SOO important. The older I get, the more important it is to get my muscles warmed up before my run.
  4. It’s ok to have a set-back. I took the time this week to re-evaluate how I want to do my training and other ways to cross-train so I am still getting a workout without the strain of running. I plan on adding a swim day into my training when I can and only running 4 days a week with slightly more miles per day. Same mileage a week with less days running.


Well upwards and onward! This will be a better week and I am optimistic my legs are well enough to get in the 20 miles I am wanting to do (: