Week 1 Training

What a week it has been! I will be giving updates on Sundays about my weekly progress since my training cycle goes from Monday-Sunday. Let me start by saying that I am SORE. I ramped up my miles this week and I am feeling it! (Everywhere…)

My schedule this week was as follows: (6/26-7/2)

Monday- 5.3 miles

Tuesday- no running

Wednesday- 3 miles

Thursday- 6 miles (tempo) with yoga in the morning

Friday- weightlifting workout (squats and cleans)

Saturday- 4 mile hike at pinnacle peak (1700 ft elevation gain)

Sunday- 10 mile and yoga

Total mileage= 28.3

There is nothing below my waist that isn’t aching at the moment. I used compression tights on my hike yesterday and on my long run today because my legs were beat up. The compression definitely helped me to recover and helped me feel less fatigued today on my run. They are not a quick fix for injuries, but rather a wonderful tool to keep in your arsenal for when you are fatigued and need help recovering. I use my compression tights for during my runs, they can be used after as well although there are specific compression tights meant for AFTER the run that are less tight. The only time I used nutrition this week was on my run today. I ended up eating Probar bolt chews for before my run (stomach is too sensitive to eat a full meal), Hammer HEED electrolyte drink, and a Hammer gel. I loved the gel! Tasted like raspberry jelly (: I will likely continue to use those on my long runs. No GI distress= happy runner! However, I plan to stick to my Nunn or GU brew for my electrolyte drinks. The Heed mix was too sweet and did not sit well in my stomach. That’s why you got to try things out though!

Things that went awry this week:

  1. I should have done upper body and core work when I was at the gym. My legs were already irritated and after the workout they were jelly. I think it is important to work out the legs, but I didn’t listen to my body and should have switched the workout. It made this weekend more painful than it had to be.
  2. Not that this went awry, but I could have used another yoga session to help stretch out my muscles and get some body weight exercise in.
  3. In general, I need to do a better job of stretching after all my runs so they don’t get so tight.
  4. I unintentionally did a tempo run. I was running with the group and I stuck with the lead group so I could learn the route to Cedar river from the store. I didn’t realize they were running faster until mile 3. I was running at an 8:30-9 min mile pace per mile. I am SUPPOSED to be running at around 9:30-11 min mile pace. This also made my legs more fatigued then they needed to be. Oops….