Week 5

Over a month into my 50k training and I think I am getting back into the groove! I felt great this week and I had no pain in any of my runs. Quite an improvement from the past two weeks. Another change that happened this week is I started a second part time job; Pet walking and sitting. I love animals and I think it is a great way to get some extra exercise and time on my feet. I figure even if I can’t run as much as I want to, If I am up and moving, that will still help in my training. I am working almost everyday now, but I have never been a person who can be still for a long time anyway 😛

Training this week (7/24-7/30):

Monday- Rest day

Tuesday- 3.3 Miles

Wednesday- Rest day

Thursday-Rest day

Friday- 30 min yoga and 1.25 hours walking dogs (4-ish miles)

Saturday-5.5 miles

Sunday- 9.5 miles and 30 min yoga

Total: Walking 4.25 miles/ Running 18.3 miles = 22.35 miles

This week was BLAZING hot. I used an electrolyte drink on every run to make sure I was hydrated. Yesterday the only time I had available to run was before work at noon. It was well over 75 degrees. Usually that isn’t too hot, but there was no cloud coverage so it beamed on top of you. On today’s run I drank all of my 17 oz bottle and refilled at 7.5 miles with water to keep hydrated. I also used a hammer gel at mile 4 and at cliff blocks before my run. I didn’t have a gel yesterday for my 5.5 because I had planned on running less. Rule of thumb, bring a fuel source just in case! I didn’t use my compression this week because it was so hot, but I plan on getting ¾ compression tights and ½ tights for warmer weather.

Things I learned this week:

  1. Same as last week; hydration matters! I was better about drinking fluids all week long and using electrolyte drinks on my run and it made a big difference. No cotton-mouth for me!
  2. Cross-training helps- It is a loose term, but it essentially is any other training your are doing to improve your strength. I did yoga twice this week as well as small exercises throughout the week in 5-15 min spurts (push-ups, lunges, crunches) when I could fit it in. You have to make sure you are strong in your core so it can support you while you are running. You also want to strengthen other parts of your legs so you are balanced and not overworking certain muscles.

Well it has been a good week getting back on track in my training. I plan on running between 20-23 miles this week and cross training at least 3x this week. Happy running!