The beginning of the adventure

Hey guys! Some of you may know me from the store, but for those who don’t my name is Marissa and I currently am training for my first 50k (YAYYY). I have done a handful of half marathons and 1 marathon that I would like to forget about. P.S if you follow your training plan you will enjoy your race SOO much more. DO NOT run it faster then what you ran in training. Some background on me: I am a full-time student at Seattle Pacific University studying for a BA in nutrition with a dietetic emphasis. I love nutrition and exercising. I have spent the last 2-3 weeks ramping up my base miles so I can officially start my 50k training. I am planning on running the Run the rock 50k in Oregon. Because this is my first 50k I am planning on this being a trial and error process.

Here’s the plan I have so far: First 2 months (July and August) run as much as I can on the road, get up to 20 miles for my long runs, and be comfortable there. I am going to throw a couple trails in there because I have the Ragnar trail run in August. I am planning on getting up to 20-35 miles a week by the end of July and in get to 35-50 miles a week in August. I currently am running about 15-20 miles a week. For nutrition I will be taking electrolyte drinks with me on hot days regardless of the miles and on less hot days that are longs runs I will do the same. I am testing out different energy items to see what tastes best and doesn’t upset my stomach. My go-to’s at the moment are Probar bolt chews (because I like that it has organic ingredients and my stomach does better with chews over gels), Nuun or Gu Brew for my electrolyte drinks during my run, and after my long runs I use the Hammer recoverite drink. I like this because it restore my muscles, but most importantly tastes good. There is nothing worse than having to get down a watery/semi-flavored drink mix, BLEH! I am testing out some Hammer gels and drink mixes for during my run. In addition to running I plan on doing yoga and weightlifting. I want to do each at least 1 day a week. So on my off day of running I want to go to the gym and lift and I will do yoga after my long run. If I have time I would love to incorporate some more yoga into my week. We shall see how this all works out. I also use an app on my phone called “Down Dog” for my yoga workouts and screen mirror to my TV so I don’t have to leave my house and it’s FREE. I will be incorporating heart rate training to make sure I am not over training and training effectively. Train smarter, not harder!

In a perfect world I would have a spot on training cycle. We know that NEVER happens! I think it is important to be aware of the things that might trip up my training. Better too actively think about them then blissfully ignore them. Here are the things I think may go wrong in training:

  1. When I go back to school in late September I will not have as much time to run- School, work, homework = hard time training
  2. Keeping up with my nutrition outside of running- I.E no crap food, eating out, trying to cook home cooked meals and keep a balanced diet.
  3. Eating enough calories to keep my energy up- I need to be eating at least 1800-2300 calories a day depending on how long my runs are.
  4. Motivation- Who DOESN’T have issues with this sometimes?
  5. Injuries- Making sure I am stretching after each run and cross-training one day a week to keep my muscles happy and healthy
  6. Starting to use a HR monitor- I will be getting a new GPS watch with a HR monitor soon and I am sure this is going to take a bit to adjust to (HR is an amazing tool to use, but knowing me I will input something in there wrong and mess it up, therefore making my training funky)


I will do weekly updates to let you guys know how my training in progressing. Wish me luck!