Footstep Poetry on Haiku  Trails

by Trey Bailey

Waking Up The Sun

Up before alarm

Guided by a headlamp light

Silence before dawn

Making The Team

Among the forest

We roam and we ramble on

I am trail runner

Sole Searching

Wandering alone

Searching for more than my soul

Lost my shoe in snow

Material Training

Did I run or not

No data in fancy watch

Forgot to hit start

Late To Aid Station #2

Fumbling like ball

Rushing like holiday sale

No water, no food

Run To Born

Read the latest book

Took off the shoes, hit the dirt

Sat on couch injured

Paved Trails

Tap, tap, tap, stomp, stomp

Honk, swerve, finger, yell, finger

Road is dangerous

Pac-Northwest Trails

Muddy beginning

Sliding up, down, and around

Together with dirt

Snowy Trail Run

Running through the air

Snow falling all around me

Crunch crunch crunch slip fall

Chafing Is

Sweat dripping down face

Red cheeks, cold hands, icy breath

Fun run, painful bath


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